Lana was patient, encouraging and tons of fun!
— Michelle

My biggest concern was that my kids were tone deaf or didn’t have musical ability. I realized through the lessons that they are not tone deaf and just needed musical training. I enjoy seeing them develop skills and confidence.


I love Lana's ability to relate to Muhammed and re-engage him when he is restless with practice. She understands when to relieve pressure, and her positive attitude toward learning makes a student very focused and comfortable. Muhammed has shown great improvement and a lot more dedication to his craft since working with Lana.  
-Rob, Muhammed's mentor
Lana has gone above and beyond my expectations. She sends us detailed lesson notes with what to build for the following week. She is super patient with my three boys and tailors lessons to their personalities.
— Hugh

We asked a young man in our program to perform at our annual gala, but he had never performed in front of a large audience. Lana was patient, calm, and consistent while she helped him prepare. She used a broad range of resources to teach performance skills and I saw him become less anxious. After 4 lessons, his music improved and he felt comfortable enough to perform. He was a hit with our audience!

- Yelena, mom and Licensed Clinical Social Worker

My biggest concern was that I was not ‘musical.’ Lana provided a new perspective and helped me see that I had musical skills that I hadn’t seen before. I made progress to my own goals and felt empowered.
— Hyatt